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Aim of the project & partners' future actions

A major source of growth, prosperity, and poverty reduction is women’s entrepreneurship; but, also empowers women to act towards equitable societies. The FIT strategic partnership’s overall aim is to prepare and test an improved program, which is specifically designed to support women entrepreneurs in starting or reshaping their business, using circular economy business models with solid financial structure. The circular economy offers an amazing opportunity to introduce new ethical norms in business, and fine-tune the balance between profit and social responsibility. Financially literate women have the tools to grow their wealth, and use those assets to contribute to causes they believe in.


The learning program, and the tools developed and tested, during the 24 month long implementation of the FIT project, will support future women entrepreneurs to:


The partners will develop a blended learning program, associated with a coaching program; offered by a multidisciplinarity support network, that will increase women entrepreneurs: business planning skills; financial literacy; entrepreneurial mind set; the ability to lead with purpose while creating their local and international support network.